"The first pictures I have seen from Marcelo were about fire; Argentinian barbeque fire, which has an added value for me, given it triggers memories from reunions, the country, the family, the Pampas. They were a couple of abstracts with a lot of spiritual contents. Then, there were the buildings, the flowers, the families, the objects, the landscapes..."Read More
Myriam B. Mahiques, Architect

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"I thrive when I capture the essence of the  moment with simplicity enabling true emotions to emerge."  Marcelo Del Valle

​​capturing   people's essence 
"I've known Marcelo for over 10 years now. He is still a big inspiration for me to this day. His images tell stories, and are greatly composed. I often refer to him as the B&W master because I think he sees in black and white and the results are spectacular. When I started in wedding photography, I knew Marcelo was the person to shoot with me. His creativity makes me shine." - Alex Sanchez
"Marcelo is an extraordinary person; he's honest and fun to be around, always with a positive attitude. He has been able to capture our sons' most spontaneous expressions leaving us with eternal and unforgettable memories of all those special moments in our life. Marcelo's photos have that special something, you just look at one of his pictures and you know; that one was taken by Marcelo!". - De Pietri Family

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